My Story

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Hello! My name is Judy Tanner, and I design and create Artsy Clay creations in my home studio in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. My goal is to make whimsical, unique creations for you to enjoy wearing or displaying, and to give as delightful gifts!

I've been creating with clay since 1997, but arts and crafts have always been an important part of my life. When I was growing up in Champaign, Illinois, my family was constantly working on handmade projects, and I was always excited to learn something new. My two older cousins taught "art classes" to their little sister and me, and I have warm and happy memories of family time together being creative and having fun. 

My mother, B Tanner - pictured here with me in 2001 (wearing one of my pins) - taught me wonderful things like knitting and painting and all kinds of handmade crafts. Most of all, my mother taught me the joy of brightening other people's lives with handmade gifts and watching their faces light up. Through the years, she made and gave away countless knitted and crocheted afghans and baby blankets.  She was my role model for making the world a more beautiful place by sharing one's gifts and talents.



Carrying on my family tradition of passing down the love of arts and crafts, I have fun making clay projects with my grandkids. Here are Paige, Jocelyn and Megan creating with clay. I love watching their imaginations at work, and we have a great time together making memories. (Clay people handmade by Megan.)