My Story

Me (Judy) with three of my grandchildren, Megan, Paige and Ty

Welcome! My name is Judy, and I design and make my Artsy Clay creations in my home studio in North Carolina. When I was growing up, my family was always working on handmade projects, and I was always excited to learn something new. When I was five, my mother took oil painting classes and gave me a canvas of my own to paint alongside her at home, and when I was six, she taught me to knit, a hobby I still enjoy. Later, she owned a craft store, and we made all the kits so she could help her customers with them. My two older cousins majored in elementary education in college and brought home supplies for art projects to practice their teaching skills on their little sister and me. I have warm memories of our time together, sharing our creativity, ideas and fun.

As an adult, I bounced from one craft to another, always searching for THE medium I could feel passionate about. Then in 1997 it happened! A friend's 6-year-old daughter was wearing an amazing, colorful necklace made of chunky beads with vibrant patterns. When I admired it, she said she'd made it in art class at school out of polymer clay. I bought some, started working with it and became fascinated with its endless possibilities.

Carrying on my family tradition of passing down the love of arts and crafts, I have fun making clay projects with my grandkids. I love watching their imaginations at work, and we have a great time together making memories.